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Dr. Margolis was Helpful and Considered

Dr. Margolis was Helpful and Considered

I first went to the Centreville Square Animal Hospital on a recommendation from the Aforeverhome Animal Rescue in 2001 to perform the spaying on my first adopted dog. The whole staffs involved were very knowledgeable and shown true compassion. Linda K.

I was a new mom with no wisdom in taking care of my first baby "GongJu" with lots of questions and concerns. Doctors always called back with the answers to my questions and made me feel safe in knowing she will be well taken care of by the true professionals. Since then, I've been going there with my 4 dogs over the years and I am very satisfied with the treatments.

Recently, my "Adeul" was diagnosed with acute diabetes and needed a prompt caring to save his life and Dr. Margolis took him in the very next morning. He explained in details of his condition in simple words for me to comprehend and seemed to understand my concern for his long-term treatment costs and other medical complications that are unavoidable with diabetes. Instead of having to see the vet every month to refill the vetsulin and syringes, Dr. Margolis letting me refill the rxs without having to schedule the office visit to help me save the cost. However, he would always come out when I am at the office to pick up the rxs and ask me questions about Adeul's blood glucose levels, adjust the levels of insulins if needed, and answer any of my concerns. This alone shows how much he cares for my Adeul's health especially when he is not getting paid for his service!!!

About two weeks ago, Adeul was chewing his stick and broke his canine tooth in half, showing the polyps and was bleeding continuously. Of course, I had to take him to the Centreville Square Animal Hospital to assess the damage. Unfortunately, it was too damaged to save the tooth and needed the major surgery to extract it. So here I was, standing in the office, thinking about the expensive costs, how we were going to deal with the situation, and asked if there was any way to get some discount to ease my financial burden. Dr. Margolis felt my concerns and provided me with the estimated service fee after leaving out some procedures that were not absolute.

The surgery cost was unexpected spending and still was a significant amount, but without Dr. Margolis's compassion on helping my Adeul and finding ways to save some money, I would have not known if I had gone through with the surgery. He persuaded me to go through the surgery to ease Adeul's pain and he was not about to just give up. These kinds of commitments and concerns about the animal don't just happen without true devotion and deeply rooted love for them. For these reasons, I definitely recommend the Contreville Squard Animal Hospital to anyone who wants to experience the true professionalism, acknowledgement, and devotion. Thanks to Dr, Margolis, i was able to make the right decision. My Adeul is now eating well and happy to play around with his younger sister EO. Linda K.


Do I need to have an appointment?

A: Yes, patients are seen by appointment. Should you have an emergency during regular office hours, please call so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.

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