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Your Pet is Considered to be a Puppy or Kitten until the Age of 1 Year. Playful Puppies & Kittens program offers all the essentials your puppy or kitten will need in their first year including vaccinations, deworming, and more.

Your Pet is Considered to be an Adult between the Ages of 1-6 Years. Playful Paws program offers annual exams, vaccinations, and other perks to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Your Pet is Considered to be a Senior at the Age of 7 Years. Silver Whiskers Program offers all your senior pet will need to live a long and healthy life including tests for glaucoma, blood pressure, and more.

Is It Alright To Feed Your Pet Raw Meat?

Besides politics and religion, meat seems to be one of those hot topics that nobody can agree on. Some people argue that feeding your dog raw meat has positive effects on its health, in the sense that it contains fewer toxins and preservatives compared to processed food commonly available [...]