dog and owner meeting digitally with vet

We are now offering digital consultations!

We know that bringing your pet to the hospital is not always convenient, so we wanted to offer a system that will provide more flexibility in the way that we deliver care to you and your pet.

(Importantly, we still require a phone call in case of an emergency!)

If you are interested in connecting digitally, please click on our partner website TeleTails. You will need to download the TeleTails mobile app and enter our code CNTRSQ. The TeleTails team is happy to walk you through any of the set-up process if you need help!

Some important details:

  • TeleTails connects you with our veterinary team. You will not be talking to a third-party veterinarian.
  • Consultations will cost $66.00.
  • Not all ailments are good fits for telemedicine. We will be up-front with you and conservative as always.
  • All clients currently enrolled in one of our Wellness Plans will be able to utilize this service at no additional charge but the digital conference does require scheduling through the TeleTails app.

Please note, TeleTails is meant to supplement, and not replace, your pet’s office visits. Any in-person follow up will be billed separately.  Currently, only clients with smartphones will be able to utilize this service.

We only offer telehealth services to patients with whom we have an active, existing relationship.

We shall make every effort to be available to you and your pets; however, for now coverage is limited to working hours. You can anticipate a timely response to your request for a conference, but we may occasionally be delayed due to an in-office emergency. All digital conference appointments need to be made through the TeleTails app and a time will be scheduled for your conference.

**Please remember to always call the office directly in case of an emergency**